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Orlando Cancer Patient Testimonials

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More than a treatment, a testament.

Few things can trump hearing the news, “You have cancer”—until the day you’re told, “You’re cancer free.” Comprehending a diagnosis of cancer is as compelling as understanding what it feels like to undergo the journey of cancer treatment.

With most things of this magnitude, surviving cancer is life changing. Therefore it is quite conceivable that the relationships formed between the physician and the patients and their families are significant and lasting.

Experience the treatment and care delivered by the compassionate physicians at Cancer Institute of Florida through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to share your story, please contact us.

Yamille Luna's Story (Breast Cancer Survivor)

As a successful executive and devoted wife and mother, Yamile Luna was devastated to learn she had been diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. With her faith in God, positive outlook and overall zeal for life, Yamile was determined to fight with all her strength to overcome the disease. Dr. Carlos Alemany, medical oncologist, Dr. Louis Barr, surgical oncologist,  and a team of cancer specialists at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute were with her every step of the way. After a year-long battle, Yamile is now cancer free.

Watch Yamile's story.

Christine's Story (Breast Cancer Survivor)

As the calendar turned from 2008 to 2009, Christine Adams’ life was about to get turned upside down. During a routine, self-breast exam, Christine noticed something unusual. The unusual thing was an inverted nipple, which led Christine to her primary care physician for an expert opinion.

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Janet’s Story (Lung Cancer Survivor)

Next time a dog sniffs you, it could entail more than, “hello.” At least it did for one clever canine. Non-smoker, lung-cancer survivor, Janet, credits the dog with saving her life.

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Rita’s Story (Colorectal Cancer Survivor)

After four years of being cancer-free, colorectal cancer survivor, Rita Roberts still attributes her victorious fight to finding the winning doctors, Ahmed Zakari, hematologist and medical oncologist, and Timothy Childers, general surgeon. Learn more about her inspiring story as featured in Best in Care Magazine which features Florida Hospital’s latest medical advances.